Spring is one of my favorite seasons. I love the warmer days and cool evenings. There is a moment when the temperature is just right. Then it’s time to fling open wide all the windows in the house. It’s a time for embracing not only the newness of the season, but a time to believe in the what’s next. When we open wide our hearts to possibilities, we imagine those perfect warm breezes floating in because we are ready for more.

Today as I walked in a familiar place I discovered more than I could imagine. Flowers greeted me first with their petals stretched open to receive the sun. Everywhere along the path, God’s beauty rejoiced in a new day. The birds carried a song in their hearts, the trees bent down in reverence and the flowers stood open wide knowing that more was real and possible.

This week I learned again how important it is to live a life that strives to receive as well as give. The loss of a cousin hit me hard. Here was a life that was taken much too soon. But on further reflection, I remembered that my cousin’s life always looked outward. He lived with arms open wide because he knew how to love and share that love with others. My family’s legacy continues to grow each time I share the gifts that my parents and cousin and others gave to me. It leaves me wondering how to live my life well.

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Living well causes you to look outside of yourself as well as stretch you beyond your comfort zone. It is taking a stance of knowing that God always has more to share. God calls us to receive all He has and then freely give it away.

As I soaked in the beauty around me, I captured snapshots of how we can live our lives wide open.

It looked like the sun reflecting on the water as a reminder that God shines His love on us so we might reflect it toward others.

The flowers stood at attention and spread open their petals in an act of giving and receiving.

Tree branches bowed low to allow me to see that when the stakes are high, it’s best to bow down low. (Beth Moore)

The rock wall bordering the water modeled courage and strength. Two attributes we need when living our lives fully.

Today I am seeking to honor God in how I live my life. I want to take a posture of opening wide my heart, mind and soul to all God has in store for me. The choice to further my legacy will come when I embrace who I am and the God who created me to be just me. May we fling open all we are to the God who makes us the best we can be.

Let me leave you with these words from Paul.

There is a wide-open door for a great work here, although many oppose me. 1 Corinthians 16:9

Here’s to living well and doing God’s great work!




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