A shout escapes my lips as I rush into the house. “MO-OM, can I go to Cathy’s house”? The door bangs behind me and my words sift into dead air.

A muffled voice shouts back but I have no idea where it is coming from. I skid across the kitchen floor thinking for sure I will find mom in here. NO MOM! I run upstairs as fast as my legs will take me and almost run into my mom who is waiting patiently at the top.

Out of breath and with an air of impatience, I ask the question again. My body stands ready to flee believing the answer will be “yes”.

Seeking permission with impatience for an answer filled my growing up years. Rushing in and out and shouting for mom kept me busy, but taking the time to ask before doing was a measure of respect. My parents taught me that you don’t do and ask for forgiveness later. You take the time to ask permission believing your parents know best.

Many years later, the lesson of seeking permission is still on my radar. I am not granted a free pass because I am now an adult. Instead, I find I am looking for empowerment and affirmation in the act of making certain decisions. My parents are no longer around to ask, but my Heavenly Father is ready to answer my questions.

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God doesn’t require us to ask permission first when going about our lives. He gifted us with free choice and knew that this will lead us either closer or farther away from Him. But as His child, I desire to lean in to not only what He has chosen for me, but what is best for serving His kingdom.

When I process through the lens of God’s eyes, I’m granted a clarity that does not come from my own understanding. In the place of resting in my identity as a child of God, I learn that saying “yes” in obedience is the best thing I can do. God then takes my “yes” and grants His permission in the form of His Spirit residing in me. Relying on the Holy Spirit comes with provision, strength and power.


Lessons on Seeking and Finding Permission

     ~ Hearing the voice of God through others provides affirmation and guidance when seeking an answer.

     ~ Sharing your deepest heart murmurings with God allows Him to work in you to make them a reality.

     ~ Giving yourself time to listen for God’s answer after asking permission, allows for God’s perfect timing.

     ~ Trusting in God fills you with the freedom to walk out the “yes” or “no” without hesitation.

     ~ Granting yourself permission to be broken is hard, but when you do you find release & compassion.   

     ~ God decides who we are and when we seek our story in Him, we are chosen for the best team.


Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

May you find yourself seeking God daily knowing that He has chosen you for the best team!

Seeking God,





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