Today I am revisiting a post I wrote in 2014. On that day peace felt elusive and hard to reach. Today, I am experiencing  similarities in my renewed search for a peace that only God provides. I am reaching and begging for perfect peace. As I search again, I learn anew how the faithfulness of God stretches across all seasons, fills our days from beginning to end and never fails us along the way. When I first wrote this, snow covered the ground and whispers of peace filled the air as snowflakes swirled slowly to the ground. Today, summer is beginning its descent into Fall even though the temperatures still indicate that summer is not ready to fade into the sunset. Enjoy and know that the God of peace is for us, with us and in us always.



Peace is eluding me recently… a peace that surrounds the outside and seeps into every pore of my insides. A peace that washes away the stress of life with its comfort. Real life moments build and consume me of late with a wedding around the corner and important decisions hovering nearby. (As an aside, the wedding took place last weekend!)

As a planner -a ducks in a row kind of girl- I crave details to check off my to do list and preparations nearly complete. With this personality trait, comes the creation of huge mountains of uncertainty that become impossible for me to climb. The result is a huge desire to crawl under the blankets and not come out until it’s all over.

God has sensed the unrest recently and has been walking by my side as stress becomes my norm. He reminds me that all I need to do is reach out and grab His hand and let Him lead the way-He is one touch away! I am also known for my stubbornness. I want to figure things out on my own because in my mind “I’ve got this”. Our Father is always available and honored to be included in the life that He so carefully chose for us. He is the keeper of the whispers of peace when the world shouts chaos.

God is working His way through my stress in recent weeks and each time I put Him off with a bravado that looks good on the outside but does not match my inside. God gently surrounds me with these words of hope…

[Tweet “When the stillness of morning brings uncertainty,let yourself go from what could be to what is!”]

It is a gentle release of my reality to His.

I believe those words for fleeting moments and then quickly forget. Several weeks ago, God gave me a reason to stop and let Him in. I enjoyed the gift of a day at a coffee shop – a treasure for all writers and introverts everywhere. A chance to break all routines and just be. Loudly I heard, “I did this just for you! Slow down, be still, breathe in my beauty.”


There were no routines that day. It was a writing and coffee shop, kind of day. The whispers of peace that hover now are able to enter and fill without distraction. God knows just what we need exactly when we need it.

I pray that you find some small, still moments as your own distractions threaten to overwhelm. As the mountains of your stress seem unapproachable, pause, reset and look to God who is our peace and stress reliever.

You will keep in perfect peace
all who trust in you,
all whose thoughts are fixed on you!
 Trust in the Lord always,
for the Lord God is the eternal Rock. Isaiah 26:3- 4 NLT

Searching for peace and finding it in God!

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