Do you allow yourself the chance to wonder? Do you stop and dream with the belief that your dreams can come true? Do you pause and remember that your future is already planned and in God’s hands?

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Since the plan is in place – take some time and “wonder”. I did this naturally as a child, but as an adult my perspective has changed. Wonder comes with strings attached and as soon as this happens, the wonder is gone.

I was blessed by attending a two day Catalyst Conference this week that began the process of opening my heart to wonder again. If nothing else, I learned that without wonder we are stagnant. There is a beauty to wonder that should free us from the worldly ways of asking “how will this work” at every turn. The gift of taking the time to dream and allow God to open the doors to what’s next can only come with wondering. So let’s take a minute and remember childhood memories that opened our eyes and our hearts to the “wow” that comes with new beginnings.

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Memories of …

  • Seeing candles lit on a birthday cake
  • The first time you experienced snow
  • Riding a bike by yourself
  • Hearing your parents say “I love you”
  • A butterfly circling you as you played outside
  • A rainbow stretched across the sky after a rain shower
  • The first time you realized you could read

Each memory as a child stopped you in your tracks and provided a “wow” moment because it was unlike anything you had ever experienced before. Each moment seems rather ordinary now as we bring up these memories as an adult. But God knows that our faith and our relationship with Him grow the more we seek wonder in our lives.

In a world in which we spend more time resisting change than embracing it, wonder is the key to making all the difference.

Wonder increases our openness to believing we can do more than we think we can.

God knows we are fearfully and wonderfully made. When are we going to believe that?

Wonder allows us to believe our future can look so much better than our present.

We begin to imagine a life that is wonder-filled because we have a God who is wonderful.

Wonder awakens us to moving forward and accepting change.

When we wonder, we have found the catalyst for change. Our beginnings look different than we imagined because God takes our “wow” moment and fills us with the knowing of “we can” rather than “we can’t”.

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When we wonder, people around us begin to do the same. There is power in the example of imagining a future that looks different than our present. We feel hope when we choose to move forward rather than staying stuck where we are.

May we be a resurrection people who remain wonder-filled because we know God has conquered the grave and saved us from our sins not a doubt-filled group that questions and needs tangible proof to believe God is in our future.

“Unless you people see signs and wonders,” Jesus told him, “you will never believe.” John 4:48

Let me leave you with a final quote from Andy Stanley.

When wonder is awakened, we are suddenly aware that what is isn’t all there is.

May you allow yourself to wonder and imagine what’s next without worrying about the details.

Sabbath blessings,


** This post is dedicated to my son Daniel and his wife Kayla for showing me how to dream and look at my future with wonder.

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