Home is my safe place.

A retreat from the weary world.

My sanctuary, my quiet place, where I seek restoration.

I desire for my heart to feel the same way. The home in my heart becomes my sanctuary when I allow God to reside there with me.

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Heart work leaves me weary. Allowing God to dig and prune pierces my hurts and leaves me panting from lack of deep breaths. As I suck in the air, the work God has already done in me feels the push of breath against my prickliness. I seek respite from the redirection and reframing of my perspective. But learn my only hope is in the breath of the Spirit who renews my soul as I crave sanctuary in Him.

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Our hearts cry out in unison with Jeremiah in Lamentations:

But Lord, you remain the same forever!
    Your throne continues from generation to generation.
 Why do you continue to forget us?
    Why have you abandoned us for so long?
 Restore us, O Lord, and bring us back to you again!
    Give us back the joys we once had!
 Or have you utterly rejected us?
    Are you angry with us still? Lamentations 5:19-22 NLT

As God continues the pruning, I cry out at the pain and hard work of it all. But I forget that each snip, pinch, and pulling away of what is dead creates new life. If I invite the Spirit into the process, I find the home in my heart. The place of sanctuary becomes the space where the Spirit provides renewal and restoration. My heart, even though broken, begins to heal. The broken pieces of who I am that I find scattered on the floor around me start binding together. Wholeness is but a deep pruning away.

God desires to do a deep heart work in me. He gently pulls me toward Him and asks that I release all that is holding me back. God wants to create a healing space that allows me to find sanctuary in Him. My heart holds the key that God extends to me with all the love He has for me.

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I tend to stumble when I seek sanctuary and know the work is hard. But God is drawing me near and teaching me. Join me at Lisa Brittain’s home, HERE to read how God is teaching me to create a sanctuary in my heart.

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