One brave “yes” leads to more “yeses” that then lead to bigger brave moments and brave faith. Agreeing to step out of our comfort zone one time is a signal to God that we are ready for more. God knows when it is time to call us to more and it does not require that we have everything already figured out.

saying yes

Annie Downs imparts her take on brave throughout her book, Let’s All Be Brave. Every word tells her story and her journey to brave, but when we dig into what this can look like for us, we find out that her stories could very well center around us as the main character.

These words from Annie have been stirring in my heart ever since I read her book.

Saying yes changes everything. Walking through the door, agreeing in the moment. Sometimes it is just what is needed to show you the next big yes… We have to say yes. Even when it’s scary or costly or unknown. We don’t screw up by saying yes to the wrong things; we screw up by letting all the floats in the parade pass us by and never jumping on one of them for a ride to the end.

God’s “yes” for our lives should align with our choices. When we say “yes”, we are choosing God’s plan over our agenda. The times when we crave everything but a “yes”, are the times God calls us to step out boldly for Him. Saying yes changes everything and leads us closer to brave faith.

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Say yes to brave and let your journey continue in step with God’s plan for your life.


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