One of the first words a baby learns is the word “No”. It flies out of their mouth one day and you look up in sheer joy because your child is talking. You happiness over your child talking quickly becomes frustration when every other word uttered is “No”. The cute factor changes into determination as you teach your child other vocabulary options, which most probably will include the word “Yes”.

As an adult I am quick to say “yes” to many things in my life as my people pleasing personality rules my mind and decisions quite often. I realize that a balance is needed between my yeses and noes to temper my life and the pendulum that leans heavily to the people pleasing side. But life is not always controlled by us. In fact life is not ours to control at all.

I know how life can change in the blink of an eye and it has nothing to do with how many times I have already said “yes”. Four years ago, I experienced a major life change with my job and my only choice was to say”yes” when my heart was screaming “no”. Losing a job at the end of your career and then being given one option to stay in your field resulted in disbelief, a confidence shift and upheaval that I pulled through only because the grace of God is bigger.

armor of brave faith

As I remember this day vividly and how things unfolded, I know now that this was one of the bravest things I experienced. Why brave, you ask? I soon realized the only way I could successfully move forward into this other job was to hang onto God as tight as I could. It was messy, ugly and a huge blow to my ego. But God… He rescues us when we come to Him in humility and believe that He is the only way back to strength, faith and confidence. When we accept His grace as the gift that it was always meant to be and allow it to wash over us as a sweet balm of healing, we learn we are accepted and loved deeply by our Father.

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Saying yes when we want to say no with our whole being is a lesson in faith. It is releasing our egos to God so He may bring healing in the midst of pain and struggle. It is wearing the armor of brave faith to walk humbly with God as He leads us to where He knew we needed to be all along.

Be brave in the journey and know God is the way home!


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