It’s funny how one walk can change your perspective. How looking down brought a whole lot of happy to this girl. No off roading was needed. All it took was strategically placed objects and the willingness to get my head out of the clouds.

This one, bright sunny day taught me more about myself than many days put together. Four miles provides a lot of time for pondering and by the end I learned that small is the new big.

Now before you think this revelation was all my own, let’s pause right there. Several factors were working together and the stars aligned or something like that.

Last week, my friend Kaitlyn Bouchillon, wrote a post at (in)courage titled, “Small is a Gift, Not a Punishment”. Reading her words started me thinking. We pride ourselves on bigger, better, more, and standing above the crowd. But what if, getting low and small produces the “big” you were looking for all along?

Kaitlyn shares:

We can, and absolutely should, do our best and honor God with what we’ve been given. But we don’t have to chase the next and greatest thing, hurrying and hustling to prove our worth. We are the Already Enough people, the ones who have nothing to prove. Our security rests in Christ’s sacrifice, our confidence in His great love for us, and He extends an invitation to you and to me today.

God took Kaitlyn’s words and a walk along the Great Miami River to show me how small is the new big. It required nothing from me, but a heart open to listening and eyes ready to capture the beauty God placed in my path.

The lessons God teaches me always come with His perfect timing. My desire to explore small comes at a time when I am joining with all of you in a new venture. Keep reading…. the announcement comes at the end.

God took me on a walk to remember. Each step led me on a path to learn once again that who I am in this moment is good. I don’t need pretenses, facades, or what everyone else has. I am ME and that is enough. Small is the new big because…

It brings you closer to God. When you let go of the extra stuff you think you need, there is so much room for all God has for you.

You are able to bend low and see what is really important. Your view is crystal-clear and what usually blocks you from seeing clearly is gone.

When you accept a stance of getting small, God brings Heaven to Earth in an act of worship. You are exposed to new beauty and worship is that much sweeter.

It is so sweet when you walk in perfect alignment with who God created you to be and how you then honor His identity. 

This is just the beginning of living a life that looks contented, joy-filled, and one that leads you on a path that was always meant for you. It’s not flashy, but instead looks very ordinary. Others might not notice you as you go about your daily life. Guess what, friend? That is OKAY!

It has taken me many years and tears to know without a doubt that I have nothing to prove. You might feel this way too or maybe you are still living in a place of uncertainty. Together we can figure this out. Taking one step forward, posturing ourselves toward God, and opening our hearts to Him is always better together. Will you join me on this journey?

Beginning next Tuesday, June 5th, I have the incredible honor of opening my doors to the Tell His Story community. It is a weekly link up of your encouraging posts that point us back to God. Jennifer Dukes Lee so kindly extended this invitation to me several weeks ago and besides staring in disbelief at the message, I somehow knew after lots of prayers that God calls us to opportunities for such a time as this.

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You all are invited to join me each Tuesday at 5:00 PM EST to link up your own posts. Together let’s find new ways to embrace who we are as we share our stories. Let’s spend time encouraging each other knowing that the act of extending kindness is contagious.

Let’s embrace small as the new big as we come together each week and cheer each other on. Please join me in prayer for the right people to walk through the door. (I hope that will be all of you! :)) Ask for all technology to work smoothly and finally would you help me spread the word. I can’t do it without all of you.

Blessings and love,

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