God blesses each of us with brave faith even when brave is the very last thing we are feeling. In the staying, we become brave because God blesses each step of our journey.

In our lives, we can feel we are going nowhere fast. Our lives are consumed by our “to do” list and anything beyond the list does not seem to exist. God assures us that just because we are not leaping forward into adventure with Him, we are doing important work. Will we accept the call to brave faith in the days of waiting and living our ordinary? Will we stay the course by staying true to our calling and who God has chosen us to be today, tomorrow and for always?

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Walking brave is not always a bigger and better step than those around us. Staying small in our own neighborhoods can impact our lives and those around us if we follow God’s lead. Remembering who we are as God’s child allows God to complete the work that He has started in us.

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Knowing that staying still in this moment does not mean we are stuck,  is a beautiful reminder to allow God to grow our brave faith right where we are. Holding onto His promises and truth in all will bring us closer to Him and that my friends is brave faith being lived out for others to see.

Let’s be brave in our everyday and everything!


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