As a new school year begins, I am hearing loud and clear that this year is all about grace-embracing it, sharing it and allowing myself grace in those moments that life becomes overwhelming.

2 Corinthians 13

New initiatives, new assessments, a new class of students and the job of meeting the needs of twenty-something students can overtake and overwhelm, but accepting God’s gift of grace overrides all the newness in one “yes”. Allowing grace to rule over the emotions of a stressful day and paying it forward in moments of frustration is saying “yes” to the grace of God in our everyday highs and lows.

I’m praying for all that God’s grace is enough to guide us through those days that seem to never end and those seasons in our lives that challenge us to our very core. As we take another step, may grace guide our paths and fill us with the strength to walk forward.




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