The first word in the definition of polish is SHINE. Some other parts of the definition are buff and wax, but when you polish something your end goal is to make it shine brightly. I think of how beautiful silver is when it is polished and how dingy it becomes when it is tarnished.

silver tea set

Our lives are the same way. As a teacher, I work to polish my students by creating an environment where they can shine brightly. My job is to fill them with self-worth, knowledge and caring so their lives can then shine brightly into their future.

God also asks us to shine brightly for Him in all we do. But in order to shine we must release our hold on those parts of our life that pull us away from God. Just as teachers polish their students, God polishes and molds us through His Word and the journey He leads us on to get to know Him and His plan for our lives. The process of polishing can rub us the wrong way – it can require change on our parts and it can be downright messy. There’s a lot of hard work that goes into polishing silver to bring the shine out in the piece. The same happens when God is polishing us to deepen our relationship with Him. This work of polishing is God’s desire for us to learn how to shine brightly for Him. Do you want to be polished? Do you want your life to be a reflection of God to all you meet?

2 Corinthians 4-5-6

I pray that we all may have the knowledge of God’s glory displayed in our lives. May the light that God gifted us with shine brightly for Him everyday.

Sunday blessings,


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