Nighttime slumber stills your body and mind and refuels you to awaken to another day. A blank canvas stretches out before you during sleep. Life shuts down and routines are forgotten. And then morning comes… will you awake to the possibilities or will slumber follow you throughout your day?

What do you miss while you are sleeping? Is your life focused on routines and what’s next on your calendar that you miss the reason that you were chosen to be here? Are you answering the call to be fully awake in your life?

Isaiah 62-6-7

I walk through many days, stumbling to take the next step and stretching my overtired body to fully reach my true calling. I move as if on auto pilot and somehow find myself at the end of the day uncertain as to how I got there. I miss out on life by not being fully present and wonder if there is more. I am challenging myself to pause, rewind if needed and be present for God’s presence. I pondered the here and now today while listening to this beautiful song by Casting Crowns, While You Were Sleeping-click on link. Be blessed while listening and hear God’s voice.

Be present for His presence! Walk each day in the light of God and shine for those around you. Allow your calendar to be filled with God’s agenda, not yours!



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