I imagine surrender as…

The free fall moment when you are suspended between the high dive and the waiting water below

The arms of your young sons stretched wide as they race toward you on chubby legs to receive your embrace

The unconditional love of your parents – hearts always wide open – as they listen, teach and walk you through life even as an adult

The slow motion of one tiny rose bud as it unfolds layer upon layer to reveal its beauty

The sun as it takes its final bow each night and slips below the horizon

rose bud to rose

And the ultimate surrender…

Jesus as He took His final breath, nailed to a cross, as God’s ultimate sacrifice of love to save us from ourselves and our sins

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How do we live a surrendered life when the world thinks it knows best and we are pulled in many directions? How do we unfold the hidden secrets and dark places to receive the grace and love that is freely given by God? How do we say “yes” to living a life that follows hard after Jesus and mirrors a love for others?

We are advised in Proverbs 23:26…

O my son, give me your heart.
May your eyes take delight in following my ways.

Surrender is a shift from looking inward to focusing out toward God. It is taking our eyes off ourselves and our agendas and letting God’s ways become our own. Rick Warren says it well…

“You cannot fulfill God’s purposes for your life while focusing on your own plans.” The Purpose Driven Life

And so I question how a life of surrender might look and more questions surface.

What if instead of bowing low, we lift our eyes upward?

What if instead of clasping our hands tightly, we open them palms up in a stance of receiving?

What if instead of sitting in silence we make our voice known to the Heavens above?

In the unclasping of hands, we open our hearts wide to the amazing grace of God. Standing in a posture of receiving, opens our eyes to God’s glory and our ability to make a difference right where we are.

[Tweet “Our open hearts invite others to follow the same path to the cross of Jesus.”]

As we follow the path to the cross in these next ten days or so, may we be a people of surrender – take a chance on opening wide our hearts for God to create a resurrection in our faith and actions toward others.

May our open hearts become an invitation for others to follow the same path to the cross during the Easter season and throughout the rest of the year.



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