Persevering, when one more step seems impossible, allows you to overcome insecurity and rely on God’s stability.

Boys will be boys. Running, jumping, playing hard and never giving up. Taking one more step is a huge part of their vocabulary because quitting is not an option. Nighttime brought this perseverance to a head over and over.

“We’re not tired” was the familiar chant my sons began as soon as they heard the word bedtime. Heads could be nodding, dipping deep into their chest and both boys would insist it couldn’t possibly be bedtime. One more drink of water, one more story, one more goodnight kiss and one more step marked the nighttime ritual.

My sons believed one more step was possible even when this mom was exhausted from the day. They didn’t think twice about success because for the most part, insecurity was not part of their vocabulary. They were safe in the knowledge of parents that loved and cared for them. My sons were oblivious to the behind the scenes mess that we see as adults.

As we grow older, our life experiences show us a piece of ourselves where life becomes harder rather than easier. When taking one more step, we pause instead of moving forward securely in who we are. Impossible overtakes possible because we allow fear to squelch our perseverance. We focus on insecurity and back ourselves into a corner because we forget we are brave.

As children we walk boldly into next steps because we don’t know all the ins and outs. But as adults, our life experience teaches us that taking one more step requires careful thought and planning. We focus more on the “what ifs” forgetting that letting go to God will provide all we need.

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God continues to take my “whys, whats and how to’s” and refines them with His strength and understanding. When I take a step forward and remember that brave faith is as simple as saying “yes”, God shapes my “yes” into His own. My insecurities fall away and God’s stability fills in the gaps. Forward movement comes when I persevere in my “yes” and trust God to do what He does best.

Several weeks ago, I shared a brave faith moment. God taught me that persevering, when one more step seems impossible, allows me to overcome my insecurity and rely on God’s stabilityTaking this step is a brave faith moment. It is God stepping in when stepping out is scary. We put our hearts out there and God gently cups it in the palms of His Hands and safely surrounds it with His protection.

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God made us for more. He created us with purpose and carefully designed a life plan for each of us. When God calls us to step into the unknown, He cradles our uncertainty with His strength. There is nothing impossible when we align ourselves with God.

The Lord makes firm the steps
    of the one who delights in him;
 though he may stumble, he will not fall,
    for the Lord upholds him with his hand. Psalm 37:23-24

Let us walk with firm steps as we delight in the Lord who makes all things new. Hold tight to His Hand secure in the knowledge that He is our possible when life hands us impossible.

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