My name is Mary Geisen and I am thrilled to be your hostess for the weekly #TellHIsStory linkup. The baton was passed to me in May 2018 after Jennifer Dukes Lee hosted this linkup for many years.

Life experience teaches us that throughout our lives we find times when the old bumps into the new. It becomes beautiful, but not without growing pains. Tell His Story has been given a second chance. We can expect growing pains, but in the midst we will see such beauty as we never imagined.

Together we are forging into new beginnings as we embrace the foundation that Jennifer so carefully laid. Everyone is welcome here and sharing your story is why we linkup. Your story matters and this community needs you.

Today the story continues. I will leave you with these words from Jonah Sachs spoken during his Ted talk.

Stories shape our world. They’re like verbal DNA. They tell us who we are and what’s important and how we should behave. Stories create our future. Stories matter.

Here’s how to join the #TellHisStory linkup each week.

  1. Write your own #TellHisStory post, straight from your heart onto your own blog.
  2. Link up and invite your friends by posting the #TellHisStory badge onto your own blog.
  3. Enter your post each Tuesday at 7:00 AM EST when the link up opens by clicking the blue linky button.
  4. Find one (or two or three) others to encourage by visiting their websites, leaving some love, and sharing on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Use the hashtag #TellHisStory so others can find us.

Today you are saying “yes” to change and growing a legacy that points to God. Let’s allow change to move us forward rather than hold us back. Share the news and encourage others to join us in this safe place where stories matter and who we are is all because of God.

And the story continues, with you!

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