The wrapping paper is scattered

Ribbons adorn the family and the floor

Gifts have been “oohed and ached” over and now clutter the couch crowding out the sprawling bodies

Contentment and thankfulness fill the room and a brief moment of silence enters as each person is lost in his/her own thoughts.

I find my favorite spot on the couch and snuggle into the cushions when all thoughts of happy turn quickly to the absence of a loved one.

It’s been almost a year since my mom found her way home to Jesus and the gaping hole left behind takes some of the glitter out of the brightest ornament on the tree. Inwardly my downward spiral into loss stops mid-twirl as the word legacy crosses its path. The deep ache of loss becomes a filling of the heart with hope and memories when legacy is added to the equation.

My mom left a beautiful legacy of a life well-lived. An example to many that life is not what you expect from it, but how you live it and who you live it for- yourself or for others. It is a looking beyond this life to God who is the provider of life and the orchestrator of how life should be lived.


What if we thought of legacy as the story of one’s own life? What if we all moved past the china, jewelry and family heirlooms that are part of our family’s history and instead dived into the story of who we are, what we are becoming and how we want to live the life we have been given? What if the legacy of our loved ones, the story of their lives, filled the empty spots and restored the memories into a piece of our story?

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