God tends to our every need even before we are aware it is a need. He breathes His strength into our very souls when we speak His name. He whispers hope into our hearts when uncertainty plagues our vision. This rhythm of seeking God and finding Him exactly where He said He would be is worship. It’s when our heartbeat becomes one with God and the beating of the two creates the music of praise.

rhythm of worship

When we sync ourselves with God, we experience a steady rhythm in our lives. When we invite this rhythm to be present, we feel a gratitude for the gifts that God has given us. Worship takes place when God is present in our ordinary, extraordinary, messy and beautiful. He provides the rhythm we need to stay in sync with Him and the rest of our lives.

[Tweet “Worship is the cadence of our day joined with the heart of Jesus.”]

I am learning that the rhythm of worship takes place anytime we invite God to become part of our day. Learn more with me as we head to Weekend Whispers, Barbie Swihart’s new weekend home.

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