The Sting of Rejection

Today you will hear from Debbie Kitterman for Part 4 of our Perseverance Series. Each week, Holly Barrett, Patricia Krank and I are joining in with Debbie to share stories of transparency and faith as we persevere in our everyday lives. We reach to the past while encouraging ourselves and all of you to stretch toward the future. Our journeys grow stronger as we trust in God to walk with us when the going gets tough. Debbie shares her heart about rejection today. Follow along with the series and catch up by clicking the link here.

Debbie begins her story as a young girl.

The little girl wandered the yard looking for pretty white daisies, but she began collecting dandelions instead. Finally, when she had as many she could find without venturing too far, she walked to the very edge of the grass toward the rock retaining wall that over looked the property.

Collecting flowers and participating in the silly game of “he loves me” or “he loves me not” as petals flutter to the ground seems very innocent. Or is it? This game was one that led me to knowing whether my latest boy crush would love me too. For me it was innocent, but as I read Debbie’s story, I knew that rejection looks different for everyone. I too experienced deep feelings of unworthiness as a child and an adult.

Debbie continues her story but she points out two powerful truths about rejection.

Rejection is no respecter of persons, it affects us all, just in different ways and to different extremes.

Rejection can blind us to the truth and place seeds that grow roots that entangle many areas of our life and heart.

What does rejection look like in your own life? How do you overcome the sting of rejection? Are you still on the path to defeating it once and for all?

Debbie doesn’t stop with these truths. She shares what she knows about rejection, what she’s learned and what you need to know. Click here to read the rest of Debbie’s story and know that God is bigger than any of the times you felt unwanted or unloved.

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As we continue this series on perseverance, we pray you feel encouraged, blessed and better equipped to embrace perseverance in your own life.


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