We stand before the mirror each day and see… broken, messy, old, uncertain, unloved reflections of ourselves staring back at us! We exhale and wish for this day to be better than the one before – for this reflection to give us a glimpse of something new, loved and treasured. We plead with someone – anyone – to say “yes, you are beautiful, you are treasured and you are mine”!

We pound our fist at the air in frustration and hurriedly open our Bible as our one chance for this day to be different. Our eyes gaze on the page before us and one verse stands out clearly against the backdrop of a sea of words. This verse boldly says: 16 “For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

That’s when you press the “Pause” button on your day. Your whole mind shifts and you realize “This is love!” God gave us the ultimate gift – His son! And in the act of one final sharp, inhale and exhale on the cross, our lives were saved. God gave us the gifts of love, grace and perfect peace by giving us His only Son. He erased all of our messiness and uncertainties through His selfless act. We are made new because we believe in the promises and truths that Jesus came to share with the world.

The promise that the broken will be made whole again…




The promise that those who don’t belong, will hear the whisper of God saying “You are mine!”

The promise for the hurting that the shattered pieces will be put together and comforted…

The promise that God will make all things new – winter will be put to sleep and spring will reign…


Photos by Mary@Passage Through Grace

The words in John 3:16 provide a sense of hope and encouragement for all the times the reflection in the mirror tells you otherwise. Our trust in God leads us to holding on tight to all God’s truths and letting Him hold on tight to us.

God loved us so much He sent His son Jesus who in one amazing sacrifice brought…

...wholeness for the broken

…belonging for the outcast

…courage for the fearful

…strength for the weak

…comfort for the afflicted

On this day, we can give thanks that God sent His only Son, Jesus, to save us! We can know with certainty that “This is Love!”

May God bless each of us today with a sense of peace and love that has us believing that we are treasured!



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