There is nothing like a “thank you.” Whether the words are spoken or written, this simple acknowledgment goes a long way in making my day. The first time I heard the words “thank you” from my sons, it left me speechless. The sweet blessing of knowing that I was doing something right boosted my confidence. I am learning there are no better words than when another person takes time to recognize the good in you.

Today we celebrate Mother’s Day and I pray you all feel celebrated for who you are and the legacy you are creating in your own life. Sometimes all it takes is a “thank you” to help you on a challenging day. Other times, the presence of those lives you’ve touched are exactly what you need. It doesn’t matter if you have a child of your own. You have the gift to build life into those you meet.

I wear many hats in my life–daughter, sister, mother, Mimi, friend, teacher, and writer. Each one of these is a reminder to me of the beautiful life God has provided. But sometimes you and I think of other titles that can define us that look more like: single parent, divorced, estranged from family, motherless, lonely, unloved.

The good news is that God does not define us by titles but believes we are all worthy of celebration. My story does not end here and either does yours. Follow me to The Dented Fender to read more.

There is nothing like a "thank you." On this Mother's Day may you receive and give the gift of a "thank you" knowing you are celebrated for building life into others. Share on X

Today you and I deserve to be celebrated. I imagine you build life into others and in the process you grow deeper in relationship with God and those you nurture. God sees you and loves your willingness to go deeper. I pray you feel worthy on this day and everyday. May you feel the love of God, the comfort of Jesus, and the peace of Holy Spirit within you today and always.





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