Every once in a while God takes my writing in a different direction. This post is an example of what words grouped in stanzas, laced with rhythm, and descriptive words woven throughout can look like.

My recent vacation with my family to the Smoky Mountains provided the backdrop. Each morning as I sat out on the deck and watched the sun begin its ascent over the mountains, I heard God speaking to me in new ways.

I pray God speaks to you through these words.

Morning Light

The light slowly slips away from the darkness.

Threads of red, yellow, and orange crown the mountaintops as filtered light stretches and expands to mark the day.

The sky nods in affirmation,

The sun gazes upon the earth,

And the birds wake up with a melody of praise.

A new day has begun. What a gift! What a glorious gift!

Yesterday was forgotten. Today is here!

New mercies envelop all your unsettled thoughts.

Whisper His name,

Send forth praise and thanksgiving,

Remember the goodness that comes from your Father.

A new day has begun. What a gift! What a glorious gift!

Day Begins

The sun settles into the arc from day to night.

The world awakes ready to go about its work.

Cries of loneliness and desperation threaten to overwhelm,

But HOPE arises just as surely as the sun rises at the beginning of a new day.

God is present, aware, and ready to fight your battles.

A new day has begun. What a gift! What a glorious gift!

God Enters

God’s peace is present everywhere.

In the cracks of a city sidewalk,

The rushing water of a nearby stream,

The soft snuggles of a newborn and the dying exhale of a loved one.

God is in the hard and the holy. He is never far.

God is present in the new day. What a gift! What a glorious gift!

I pray you encounter hope in each new day. May His mercies erase the troubles that hover from the day before.

May you see God in every moment and in all the places. He is waiting for you each new day.

Let your day begin!

With the gift of a new day, God showers us anew with His grace. Here’s another post that will lead you through my grace journey. Click HERE.

Are you looking for a new devotional? One of my favorites is New Morning Mercies: A Daily Gospel Devotional by Paul David Tripp. (Aff. link)




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