What is brave? Oh if I only knew the answer to that question! I am thinking I can tell you what brave is not, but then I stop myself because brave looks different for everyone. My brave is not going to look like your brave and that is okay.

When we step out of our comfort zone, we are brave. I always tell people that my comfort zone is very small, so brave steps often happen when I choose to become uncomfortable. How about you? What does your brave looks like?

What is brave

One of the books that I read recently that has impacted me is “Let’s All Be Brave” by Annie Downs. Every page is full of real life moments that have taught me that brave does not have to be extraordinary, but in fact can be very ordinary. Annie calls us to action right from the very start and asks us to take the leap that scares us to death. Bold words for someone like me who is naturally not brave. Her words teach us that brave is not clear cut and full of rules. She says…

There is no formula and there are no rules. There is the Bible, our guidebook for all things, but other than that, being brave is organic and spiritual and a unique journey for each person.

So when we try to assign specific words to describe “brave”, we are going to find that, instead, we need to just start the journey to find out what brave is for us.

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Let’s walk this journey together and find out what brave looks like. Let’s turn to God’s truth to speak into our hearts and teach us what steps are needed to move forward out of our own comfort zones. Let’s all be brave!

In grace and peace,


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