There is this beautiful space of honesty, clarity and belief we are someone of value. It’s called vulnerability. Somewhere in the middle of trying to be someone we are not and finding the gumption to be who we really are is where our desire for obscurity meets the craving to be known. This unknown middle blooms into a place of prominence when we open our hearts and let our vulnerability spill out. In the act of opening wide, we make room for God’s faithfulness. We honor God when we make space for Him in our lives.

This past weekend I found that sitting in the middle would keep me stagnant. The unknown middle was not where God was calling me. Instead, I had a beautiful opportunity to embrace the chance to be known. I took this chance and the result made room for God’s faithfulness to intertwine with my own.


I spoke at a women’s retreat about brave faith. A journey I began walking in earnest several years ago, but one that continues to unfold in this place of opening up emotionally. As I prepared for the weekend, God assured me that He would fill in any of the gaps. Preparation was slow and as an outline emerged details were not following suit. I sat in prayer wondering if my first speaking opportunity would also be my last. As a planner, I wasn’t sure if there was enough material to fill Friday evening as well as Saturday morning. But God entered my prayers and spoke peace over me. A gentle whisper of letting go of my fears and getting out of the way. A chance to let God do what He does best and believe that He will give me more than I ever imagined.

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I found myself opening my heart to God’s possibilities and trusting in His promises to seek the best for me. I made myself small so He could show up big and that is exactly what happened. The more I opened my heart, exposing the real me-broken and messy, the more the women opened their hearts to God and each other. The succession of one story of God’s redemption led to multiple stories. The women began to show each other the power of God’s faithfulness through their vulnerability.

I said “yes” to speaking this past weekend but if you have been part of my journey in anyway this past year, you know multiple “yeses” led me to this women’s retreat. God’s faithfulness showed up in the power of a series of “yeses”. Each one depended on the one before and the bookmark saving the pages of this chapter was only possible because of God.


God took each “yes” as a sign of readiness. As I honored His call for me, He came alongside with strength, love and His undeserving provision.

To all the women of Dayspring Church who joined me last weekend, thank you! The weekend was a beautiful gift of God’s faithfulness and an important part of my own brave journey. To all of my faithful readers, thank you! Your willingness to walk with me even when the path looks like it is going nowhere is a gift of friendship.

Together we are stronger and with God the way is always clear when we ask Him to walk this journey with us.

Walking bravely one step at a time!

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