The story of the three wise men has touched me deeply this Christmas season. These three kings traveled far to honor-Jesus, the Messiah, our King, the perfect gift to the world. The story of the relentless pursuit of a star guiding three wise men to find Jesus, the Savior of the World, has empowered me to relentlessly pursue Jesus in my own life.

Each of our stories of faith can be empowered to know God more intimately through the simple story of the three wise men. Here is what the three wise men have taught me!

“We three kings – have traveled so far, through fields and mountains, in pursuit of the star.”

1. Faith is a journey – the journey continues each day of your life and Jesus is the star, the single beacon, that beckons us to stay on course and continue the journey amongst the many challenges and obstacles that block our faith.

“We with humanity seek to find what lies beyond the Earth and sky.”

2. Faith is a truth-seeking venture. Our truth comes from God and His Word. As we pursue the star, we are ultimately seeking the truth of who God is and the truth of whether God is who He says He is. Spending time in God’s Word and exploring His truths will strengthen this part of your faith journey.

“Dreamers three, unsettled are we. No truth we find or love that sets free. The whisper has come to our ears from afar, to rise and follow this star. Star of Wonder, Star of Night! Reach, reach, reach, reach!

3. Faith requires perseverance to stay the course and continually move forward. The three wise men did exactly that. They heard God’s whisper and answered His call. By following the Star of David, the three wise men found truth and learned about God’s unfailing love in the form of a baby in a manger – our Savior, Jesus Christ. As they reached for the star, the three wise men were richly rewarded by one, simple meeting in a stable in Bethlehem.


“Oh Star of Wonder, Star at Night! You have the power to give blind sight. You feed the hungry, restore the weak. Are you the One for which we seek?”

4. Finally, our faith journey will be filled with many questions, doubts and uncertainties along the way. Life will challenge us and draw us away from the star – from Jesus. We will ask many times if Jesus is the One we are truly seeking. The three wise men had one thing to go on – a star shining brightly in the East. Their journey could have ended differently if their doubts and questions consumed them and pulled them away from the star. Our faith will be challenged and our questions could cause our path to veer away from Jesus and His truths. He knows this and asks us to simply continue to be open, listen and continue to say “yes” to His whispers and nudges.

In this New Year, I pray that all of our faith journeys are truth-seekimg, persevering and open to reaching for the Star each day. May the journey be fruitful and forward-moving for each of us and may we relentlessly pursue Jesus as the three wise men did so many years ago.

New Years blessings to all!


The beautiful words about the three wise men were written by the Music Team at Crossroads Church in Cincinnati. Please click here to listen to the words in song. Be blessed!




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