Has something important to you ever ended suddenly?

Has this ending changed into a new beginning?

How were you able to move past this end to start anew?

One word jumps out as a possible answer as we face a new normal in our lives: EMPOWER


But how does a person become empowered when we are trying to understand the loss of a job, the constant desire for unhealthy choices, the end of a lifelong friendship, a life changing diagnosis or the loss of a precious life???

Moving past the hurt, unbelief or defeat that we experienced when the ending occurred leaves us in a suspended state of uncertainty. Sometimes the beginning looks like the end because of the cycle of defeat that leaves us spinning out of control. Addictions, failed friendships or failure in our jobs cause us to miss how we can move beyond the same old, same old into something new. The beginning and end seemed intertwined and it is difficult to make sense of it all.


Beginning and End

God meets us in this place of uncertainty and this is where we can “empower” ourselves. If we commission God to take control of our lives, we turn over the worldly influences to spiritual God-breathed powers. Our eyes are on the God who promises us Himself rather than the influence of food, addictions, and other worldly controls. We need to allow God to empower us to turn our end into a beginning. We need to die to our old ways and embrace the new, God-powered ways.


Empowerment follows when you allow God to take the lead. Empowerment is when God meets us at the point where our beginning and end collide. Empowerment can lead us toward new beginnings because God has been commissioned by us to take the next step.

As we journey to tomorrow, I pray that we all feel empowered by God’s Word, His truths and His promises.


How have you been empowered to overcome worldly influences? What keeps you moving toward your new beginnings?

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