Today we are continuing to look at brave that keeps us right where we are. It is not the big step that is headline worthy or the kind of brave that has you shaking in your boots at the thought of it. This kind of brave looks ordinary to most and for others you would question rather it fits into the same category as “leaping from tall buildings”. But to those living it out, this brave is extraordinary. When God calls us to be brave at home, He knows He is calling us to put our dreams on hold to fulfill His will. It’s when brave is the life you never imagined!


Join my friend, Jen Daugherty, as she describes the brave journey that took her away from home only to bring it full circle to where she started.

I didn’t want to move back to my hometown. Ever. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy growing up there, but rather that I saw no future there. I equated moving back with failure, because nobody ever wanted to move there. Everyone wanted to get out.

And so I graduated from college and moved abroad, looking forward to visiting home, but never living there again. Now, 4 years after leaving, I’ve found myself living back in my hometown, holding a permanent job, and planting deep roots. Almost unwillingly at first, but now eagerly looking forward to investing in a community I’ve come to love. Staying was difficult. It was most certainly unwanted. And it took a whole lot of brave to choose to stay.

Sometimes the bravest thing we can do is stay where we are. Some people live a life of planes, suitcases, and new languages, and that is brave. But some people live a life of community meetings, walking, school buses, and movies in the park. Living well where you are takes a lot of bravery, especially when it was never the life you imagined. Growing roots and investing in those around you takes courage. But the power of being brave right where you are? It’s incalculable.

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Jen“Jen is a twenty-something , small-town gal from Iowa who, despite fleeing America after college, is learning to embrace the bravery of staying and growing roots back in her hometown. She loves long chats with friends, photography, harvesting fresh veggies from her garden, and relaxing with a good cup of coffee. Jen writes about living the “kinda crunchy” life on her blog, where traditional living crashes into the modern world. She can be found online at or on Twitter: @jen_daugherty.”



Let’s all be brave today!


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