I am finding when God says so, it’s going to happen whether we want it to or not. We can fight whatever it is, dig our heels in and even pretend like we didn’t hear the call to make a change or follow His lead, but pretending, pushing back or even indifference never works with Him … so when God says so, your answer should be “yes”.

Isaiah 46-17

I know all this from firsthand experience as I have been kicking and screaming over a decision God has wanted me to make for the last month. I finally wrote an email, hit send and then promptly held my breath over what the reaction would be. God is the most gracious person I know and as I hit send to tell my beautiful friend, Barbie, that I needed to hand the reigns for Weekend Whispers back over to her, there was nothing but love and grace in her reply. In fact, she felt that God was preparing her for this time. Oh my, tears have flowed and prayers have been lifted for God to intervene and work in both of us and He has.

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Will you follow me to Weekend Whispers with Barbie as I say goodbye?

In grace and peace,





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