Who I am

Growing up I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. I was inspired in Kindergarten and First Grade by my teachers and touched by the kindness that they shared on a daily basis. I was impacted as a five and six year old and knew in that moment that someday I would do the same for other children. Fast forward to college as an eighteen year old and I found myself declaring Elementary Education as my major. Today – 28 years later – I have not only realized my dream of becoming a teacher but I have lived it out in various classrooms, grade levels and school buildings. I have had the privilege of influencing children, teaching them and touching the lives of 100s of children.

Teaching has answered the question of “Who am I?” and I am proud to have the title teacher next to my name!

Dream #2 – As a little girl I dreamed of becoming a mother. I am thankful for my own mom who modeled motherhood with grace, an easy calm and unconditional love. Her example increased my desire to not only be like her but to experience motherhood for myself. Fast forward to a young, twenty-seven year old and my dream became true on July 15 as I was holding my newborn son in my arms for the very first time. Three years later on April 12, I experienced the same joy with son number two and I haven’t looked back ever since.

Motherhood has also answered the question of “Who am I?” and I am blessed and honored to have the title mom next to my name for these last twenty-six years and for many years to come.

Knowing that “who am I?” includes my roles as a teacher and mom provides me with such joy. However my story does not end here – there are more dreams to be fulfilled and teacher and mom do not completely answer the question – “Who am I?”

God is speaking into my life abundantly and His words and truths are constantly shaping “who I am”. You see… my “Who am I?” has become “Who I am” because I am a child of God. First and foremost, the promise and reality of being God’s child is the title that I want behind my name – Mary, Child of God!

Before I was even born, God had a plan for my life – He knit me in my mother’s womb and created my inmost being. His plans for my life have been well-crafted and I pray that my life has been honoring to Him in the choices that I have made. I need to allow my identity as a child of God become my “Who am I?”

I only fully accepted Jesus into my life about a year ago. Keep in mind that Jesus has always been part of my life but He has not been my life! I had not fully received Jesus into my life and believed in Him and His word and consequently I was not His child until a year ago. Opening my heart to God has taught me that I am good enough, I am loved and I am accepted.

Renee Swope says, “The truth is, when we belong to Jesus we are loved and accepted forever. We are covered in His goodness, and it’s His goodness that makes us good enough.” p. 115, A Confident Heart

This is where my “Who am I?” collides with my “Who I am” and I haven’t looked back since!

Take a look at the verses scattered on the image below. Focus on one verse each day and let it infuse into your being. Allow your reflection and prayer time to center on that one verse and let God whisper into your soul and believe that you belong to Him and you are His child. Know that you have been chosen and adopted by God. You are significant because you are part of God’s family and He created you to do all things through His strength and by His grace.

Who I am

I pray that each one of us is able to identify ourselves as a child of God for this is where our “Who am I?” becomes our “Who I am!” and the collision is beautiful.

Blessings to all!


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