There I was sitting in a too big house with a too small family, holding my head in my hands wondering about my American dream. Where was my hope for a healthy and happy marriage for my sons? How would the demise of a two parent home change the future course of life for myself and my sons?

In the first few waking moments of my broken truth, the reality challenged my beliefs, my future, my dreams for my sons and left uncertainty and a new normal in its place. A normal that I wasn’t ready to embrace as the daunting task of raising two teenage sons loomed big. Plagued by self-doubt and a lack of confidence in my skill set as a woman raising soon to be men, I grasped at whatever truth I could find. Truth in watching the success of those around me, leaning on my brothers to lead the way as mentors and men willing to lead men, and eventually relying on God to teach me all about a Father’s love.


God met me at the intersection of brokenness and hope and showed me the way. God also led my sons to reach out and lead me. You see.. my sons reached out to God and embraced His promises as I was still finding my way. My sons, considered teenagers by age, became men because they accepted Christ as their Father. Nothing remained the same because the Father of all welcomed two new sons into His fold as His own children. Their example led me to God and in the embracing of allowing His story to become mine, I learned how to handle this new life.

I am honored to share my story at Holly’s place today for her weekly Testimony Tuesday installment. Please join me there to read the rest of my story.



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