White crystals whisper down from the sky, floating gently as if without a care in the world. The flakes move as the wind directs, stopping mid flight to brush against tree branches or flying nonstop to blanket the grass,  The swirling dance is mesmerizing to watch and a gift chosen for me on this day. I am graced by the unfolding display with front row seats through the curtains of my deck windows.

snow on trees

Peace has eluded me recently… a peace that surrounds the outside and seeps into every pore of your being. A peace that washes aways the stress of life with its comfort. Holiday stress has started to build and has become consuming of late and the holidays are not even quite here.

I am a planner -love all my ducks in a row – all details sorted out and preparations accounted for and complete. With this personality trait, comes the creation of huge mountains of uncertainty that become impossible for me to climb. The result is a huge desire to crawl under the blankets and not come out until it’s all over.

God has sensed the unrest recently and has been walking by my side as stress becomes my norm. All I need to do is reach out and grab His hand and let Him lead the way-He is one touch away! I am also known for my stubbornness. I want to figure things out on my own, but we are not asked to do that. Our Father is always available and is honored to be included in the life that He so carefully chose for us.

God has been working His way into my stress since last week and each time I have put Him off with a bravado that looks good on the outside but does not reach my inner being. As I wrote on the word “still” for Five Minute Friday, God gave me these words:

[Tweet “The still of the morning brings the unknown until you free yourself from what could be to what is!”]

I believed those words for that moment and then quickly forgot as the days continued. Today God gave me a reason to stop and let Him in. I was given the gift of a snow day – a treasure for all teachers and students everywhere. A chance to break all routines and just be. The freshly whitewashed landscape took my breath away as I glimpsed out the window. Loudly I heard, “I did this just for you! Slow down, be still, breathe in my beauty.”

snow with quote

There are no routines today. It’s a PJ and coffee, curled up on the couch, kind of day. The whispers of peace that were just hovering are now being given the chance to enter and fill without distraction. God knows just what we need exactly when we need it.

I pray that you find some small, still moments as the distractions of the holidays threaten to overwhelm. As the mountain of your stress becomes unapproachable, may we pause, reset and look to God who is our peace and stress reliever.

You will keep in perfect peace
all who trust in you,
all whose thoughts are fixed on you!
 Trust in the Lord always,
for the Lord God is the eternal Rock. Isaiah 26:3- 4 NLT



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