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It was a beautiful, sunny Monday morning – the kind of day that seemed to dare any sadness to enter into its space. But sadness crept in anyway and blanketed a church on a hill as one family came to put to rest one of their own.

I was there that Monday morning as a teacher  – the one person who this 3rd grade boy saw each day when he entered the school building and spent the day with. I also came as a mom bearing all the love a momma feels for her children because this child had lost his mom in a tragic house fire right as the school year ended.

It had been well over a month – several months, in fact, since I had seen him and my first goal was to find him and make sure he was okay. The minutes crawled by as I gathered in the parking lot with a few others from my school. Then across the parking lot he caught my eye, walked over and fell into my embrace. Time stood still and no words were needed as the love poured out through arms wrapped around two bodies.

He turned to me and said “How did you find out? I didn’t think you knew.” I’m thinking “never underestimate the caring of a school community”. Words spilled out of my mouth-words of comfort, love, caring and concern – words like: “I am so sorry, I missed you, I’m praying for you, and I love you.” Words that he needed to hear – words that were not part of his everyday life – words that I hoped would leave a mark on his heart.

I am sharing this story today to illustrate the power of words. We all crave words – words of encouragement, words of love, words of comfort and words that leave a footprint on our hearts because of all that was poured into the saying of them. Words have power – the power to heal, the power to comfort, the power to lift up and sometimes the power to take down. Every word matters – no matter how small or how fancy! Words are the key to entering the hearts of those we come in contact with each day or once in a lifetime. Words matter!

This particulate Monday, my words, I hope made a difference in the life of one boy. The words were few but every one spoke of the love I felt and the comfort I wanted so desperately to give to a boy who lost his mother.

Words filled with love enter the gates of our hearts and become a lasting footprint when the words are received in a spirit of love.

Sharing words with others is what teachers do – what mothers do – and what writers do! We hold a lot of responsibility with our words. The written word impacts just as strongly as the spoken word. Words matter!

I am sending my student some written words along with a picture my friend took of the two of us. Words that I hope will remind him that he is loved; he is amazing; and he is worthy of the love of a God who loves so big! Words that he will be able to hold onto on those days that he feels alone, afraid and unloved.

My hope is that each time I write a message here in my humble little home called Passage Through Grace, that my words are grace-filled, encouraging and uplifting to those who stop by to read for that day. I know that words matter and each one is prayed over, crafted, and re-worded dozens of times to become the key to one person’s heart. I pray my words leave a footprint that is received in the spirit of love that I poured into it when I displayed it on this little page and hit publish.

Thank you for so lovingly entering my home and staying for a bit. I pray you left encouraged and the words entered the gates of your heart and decided to stay for awhile.

Many blessings to all and may we work together to make our words matter!


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