I wonder whether brave is only for a season. After the season is over, I can return to the sweet comfort of laying low, returning to my comfort zone and just being me. It’s like my own seasonal time of hibernation.

I talk to myself and believe I can conquer brave challenges if I see the end in sight. Right??

Or when the thing that makes my insides quiver is temporary?

Oh, how I wish it was that easy! But God keeps chasing me with new brave lessons.

God looks past my desire for a brave sabbatical and reminds me “you are brave”.

When I started in earnest to discover brave faith four years ago, I didn’t expect for God to continue the journey. I love calling myself “brave” but I still have more days that I don’t feel the growth of my brave faith.

Each seed that God planted four years ago has grown. He tenderly nurtured and loved each seed into being. The fruit of my brave faith is just beginning to blossom.

Last year, a piece of my story entered the world. Everything about it spoke in contrast to how I felt inside. The words on the outside cover said, Brave Faith, and my heart still questioned, “who me”?? But my story doesn’t end with the last page of the book. God continues to teach me who I am and He says I am brave.

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God blessed my journey as I discovered brave faith and in the process, I compiled the words into a 31 day devotional. My book baby is a little over a year old. The stories inside my book are real, relevant and encouraging. But the heart of who I am a year later is a woman still searching and discovering new stories of brave faith. In the journey, God teaches new lessons and creates new scenarios to test out all I am learning.

As God reassures me gently and determinedly by repeating these words “you are brave”, let me do the same for you. There is nothing about you that God doesn’t love. God cherishes the time you spend with Him and your desire to grow in relationship with Him. He hears your deepest secrets and knows your heart. In your secret hiding place with God, He wants you to know “You are brave”.

God sees me too and He is not going to let me retreat away from the brave I already know. In His tender and affirming way, God leads me to new insights on brave faith.

God is enlightening me with these new lessons:

Brave is knowing we are wired for courage. There is a piece of our identity that looks like brave. God blessed us with it even before we were born.

Brave is being exactly who God created us to be and living with the peace that it is enough.

God calls us brave and that is the truth of how He sees us. When He names us worthy, enough or brave, God is just waiting for us to unwrap the gift of who we are.

I want to mark this year anniversary by remembering where I was at the beginning of my brave faith journey. But I don’t want to remain unchanged and I want my heart open to receiving more brave faith. I know that is exactly what God wants for me too.

In celebration of how far I have come, you now can purchase my book in a Kindle version. How fun is that??

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God never lets me down. When He began to fill my heart with the idea of brave faith, He did everything in His power to show me what that looked like. God does the same for each of us. He teaches, refines and reframes as we dig deeper into the truth of who He says we are.

Blessings as you journey to embracing that you are brave!

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