I had the honor of reading Jennifer Dukes Lee’s book, It’s All Under Control, and now I get to see the fruit of this book as it releases today. Each time I opened the book, my eyes were opened to new understandings about myself and the concept of control. Let me just stop right here and say, my heart is in the right place, but I needed to learn to control my control.

God is so good at providing lessons to go along with what I am learning. He is the ultimate Teacher. So as I read the chapter on “waiting”, I found myself in several situations that called for me to wait. Turns out I am not good at waiting, but God turned this around to show me, as I pray He shows you, that you have more control than you think.

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In our busy, upside-down world, God is waiting for us around every corner. He takes our busy and wants nothing more than to turn it into our best. All it takes is surrender. Sounds easy, right? Here’s the thing, you all can learn that you have more control than you think. Jennifer Dukes Lee wrote this book for you. Your busy can become your best! The out of control life you face each morning is steps away from something so much better. Jennifer wisely challenges us to take God off our to-do list. She says:

Let’s take God off our to-do list and hand the whole thing over to him. It’s a strategic, spiritual switcher. God, who holds all things together, can handle everything on our list, including what goes where. He is not one piece of the list; he’s the older of it. Why settle for a piece of God, when you can have the whole peace of God?  p.126, It’s All Under Control

Jennifer is graciously sharing some of her words here today. She knows what it’s like to desire control in her busy life. Let’s welcome Jennifer and share her words as It’s All Under Control launches into the world today.


I want to let you in on a secret about writing Christian books. There’s a 100 percent guarantee that Jesus will get up in your face about the very topic you’re addressing. I wrote my first book about approval, so of course I struggled with wanting approval. I wrote my second book on happiness and then walked through an Eeyore-ish season in my life.


Well, I’m no dummy. That’s why I told Jesus I wanted to write a book on the topic of beaches. This was the ultimate spiritual throwdown. I was pretty sure I had brilliantly set myself up for a challenge from God: “Go forth, therefore, and determine the quality of beach sand in Maui and compare it to the beach sand in Tahiti.” Clearly, I am willing to suffer for Jesus.


But then I forgot about my beach-book idea. Instead, I wrote book on releasing control—because I needed that book. I had to release control a lot that year:

– when our oldest daughter started driving

– when our youngest daughter suffered with chronic illness

– when my mother was hospitalized for three months with a life-threatening infection, and my amputee father lived with us.


All of that happened while I was writing It’s All Under Control. During those trying months, I repeatedly found myself with my head in my hands, praying this prayer: Jesus take the wheel.


Yep, I needed the message of the book. Turns out, you needed it too.


Does it ever feel like the chaos in your life might break you? Have you ever cried so hard over your circumstances that you thought you might run yourself out of tears?


So much of life can feel out of control, and if you’re like me you end up feeling powerless. Looking back, sometimes you can see where things got off track. Other times, the trouble comes out of the blue. You did all the right things, yet the worst news came your way.


There’s so much in life that we can’t control:



Airport delays.

The tumor growing in unseen places.

The economy.

The political climate.

What people think about us.

How our kids will “turn out.”


But can I tell you a secret? We have more control than we think.


We are not powerless. Great freedom comes when we let go of what we can’t control, and rise up to take charge of what we can.


That’s why I’ve put together this list for you, “Things You Can Control.” Click here to download the print. Then frame it, tape it to your refrigerator, set it by your computer, or slip it in your journal.


Because of God at work in you, you have more power than you dared imagine.


Of course, there are so many things that we can’t control. God can handle those for you.

Click here to download and print this list, “What God Can Handle,”  as a reminder that no matter what we can’t handle, God still can.

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Jennifer Dukes Lee is the wife of an Iowa farmer, mom to two girls, and an author. She loves queso and singing too loudly to songs with great harmony. Once upon a time, she didn’t believe in Jesus. Now, He’s her CEO. Jennifer’s newest book, It’s All Under Control, and a companion Bible study, are releasing today! This is a book for every woman who is hanging on tight and trying to get each day right―yet finding that life often feels out of control and chaotic.

Adapted from It’s All under Control: A Journey of Letting Go, Hanging On, and Finding a Peace You Almost Forgot Was Possible by Jennifer Dukes Lee, releasing this fall from Tyndale House Publishers.



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