Each day we start fresh and measure our steps precisely. At day’s end we assess the steps taken – forward and backward! Each day our steps take us into presence through our choices or take us out of being present when we turn away.

Presence is:

a genuine smile

a gentle touch

words of encouragement

time spent with a loved one

kind words for the store cashier

running errands for family or friends

sons/daughters ministering to their parents

prayers lifted for specific intentions

quiet time with God

Each day God rejoices when we set aside time for Him and with Him. He asks us to “be still and know that He is God”. He reminds us that He will fight for us – we need only be still. Taking time for God allows us to see the great things that He is about to do. Our presence is a delight to Him. Our presence is a present – one that God recognizes daily.

Psalm 46:10, Exodus 14:14, 1 Samuel 12:16


Perfect presence is allowing God’s touch to reach others through us. Perfect presence is being intentional in our interactions with others and letting God use us to be His gift daily. Perfect presence is saying “yes” and allowing others needs to take precedence over ours. Perfect presence is a present.


Who will you be a gift for today? Add some ways to “be present” to my list.

Linking up this year with Ann Voskamp’s 2014 Joy Dare. Find the link up at A Holy Experience. Counting blessings daily will bless you immeasurably! JoyDare #1-60

  • Incredibly blessed to ring in a New Year, thankful for family, friends, praising God for the chance to know Him more in 2014
  • New Years Day spent with mom at hospital-blessed to have the time, God’s presence in all, support of friends, family
  • Today I am blessed w/honest conversation with my mom, a landscape covered with clean, white snow, God’s reminder of strength
  • Gift of patient, understanding doctors caring for my mom, bringing dad to the hospital to visit mom, feeling prayers of all
  • Spending the day with mom-talking, listening, enjoying, sunshine lighting the snow-covered land, cousin stepping into help
  • Time to regroup for school after a long break, homemade chicken wild rice soup, wintry wind chills headed this way
  • A snow/wind chill day to help mom move to a new setting, a brother in town to share the load, God ever near for strength
  • The frigid weather warming a few degrees, adding a few touches of home in mom’s new digs, another day off to spend w/mom
  • Visiting mom who was in good spirits, story of Clarence a visitor to mom’s room, a normal day back at school after break
  • Encouraging friends and family, all of my students at school today ready to learn, reminders of God’s grace today
  • The end of a difficult week, a whisper from God I’m not alone, a visit with mom to top off my day
  • Hard to count blessings today-gift of family, the gift of time and ministering to mom, the joy of knowing heaven is near
  • Knowing mom’s in heaven with no pain, when plans derail God’s our plan, family love, support, and nearness
  • Dad’s strength helping both of us to honor mom’s life, time to remember and eulogize, and time to rest my weary soul
  • Much needed quiet time to reflect on mom’s life, sunshine washing away the gray, time with my son to remember and process
  • The perspective of friends to understand the uncertainties, new friends checking in, snowflakes swirling, crystallizing in air
  • Emotions spent but God’s love prevails, time in the Word to start my day, winter rears its ugly, frigid head-warmth inside
  • Taking it slow today to prepare for tomorrow, family support, blessings of cousins providing the family with dinner
  • A beautiful service for mom to say goodbye, family coming together to honor mom/grandma, final words, tears, love laid raw
  • A new day to start the walk of my new normal, a coffee interlude at Starbucks, and a friend to walk the new path with me

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