For several weeks, one verse from a little known book of the Bible has appeared in my reading – during my Bible study, a blog post or as I am doing some research. One word seems to pop off the page every time I read this verse – DELIGHT! In the back of my mind, I have been pondering why this verse seems to appear over and over and a still small voice whispers “I delight in you! Believe it!” The verse is from Zephaniah 3:17…

For the Lord your God is living among you. He is a mighty savior. He will take delight in you with gladness. With his love, he will calm all your fears. He will rejoice over you with joyful songs.

God clearly says that He delights in us, but my skeptical mind says “Who me? Really???”

Delight is my word for 2014. In a year that should not have “delight”, God has the final say and He is teaching me daily about embracing delight in my life. In a year that began with the devastating loss of my mom, God reminds me over and over – “I delight in you.” He will rejoice over me with joyful songs when the ache of life becomes all-consuming.  God will delight in me when I feel shattered from the wave of broken emotions and pick up the pieces lovingly.

In a year when I am an empty-nester for the first time, God brings me snapshots of delight through the connection of friends to remind me that I am never alone and He adores me.

In a year when being a teacher, who sees the state of education taking a sharp turn from doing what is best for children, God gives me students who teach me pure delight in their daily actions such as a “wink and a nod” or in moments of boldness.

God knows what you need even when you are flailing wildly and you’re trying to catch your breath from the weight of your burdens. He takes the bleak moments and provides you with beauty in Polaroid moments such as these…


Ducks doing what they do best!


A man (my son) and his dog!

spring colors

Spring colors blooming brightly!


God splashing the sky with color at the beginning of each day and when day is done.

And so today, I continue to count my blessings because brokenness is healed the  moment gratitude springs forth from your mouth. May you all take time to look for those snapshots that cause you to pause and give thanks. Blessings, Mary What brings your daily routine to a halt and brings immediate thanks to your lips?   Linking up this year with Ann Voskamp’s 2014 Joy Dare. Find the link up at A Holy Experience. Counting blessings daily will bless you immeasurably! JoyDare #330-348

  • Students focused and learning today, leftovers for dinner-yummy, a walk to restore and enjoy new life
  • Students learning how to relax before the big test, baking to relax this evening, joy in the blessing of a day completed
  • Friends that know you need coffee after work, new life- another great-niece has joined the world, relaxed teaching
  • Early morning gray skies and rain turning into PM sunshine,visit & dinner w/ my son, a visit from my favorite dog-Parker
  • A walk in the park #spring, church with a good friend and a great message, love of a son #priceless
  • Another walk soaking up sun and spring colors, homemade veggie chili, a conversation with my oldest brother

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