The intimacy of God is real. He declares, “I am your lighthouse and my light shines through the darkness in an endless pursuit of love.

God Pursues You

Fifty plus years has shown me how God relentlessly pursues me. Over and over, He draws me back into His embrace. Mistakes, poor choices, and shame cannot keep God from loving me.

Wondering why gets me nowhere. Hiding behind my loss or shame creates a space for God to shine His light a little brighter. Believing I am not enough is the place where God meets me with His sweet tenderness.

It is how the beacon of a lighthouse covers its shores to keep boaters safe. The light pursues the darkness and illuminates all in its path. It is the way the beam of truth always finds us and shows us the way (Proverbs 6:23 TPT). God does the same for me as He patiently pursues my heart and soul. His light brightens up the dark places where I run, but turning to Him is where I find home.

Peace in the Process

The gentle sweep of the lighthouse’s lamp works in rhythm with the ocean waves. The circular motion of the light matches the ebb and flow of the water. God’s desire is for peace to fill the places where the water recedes and the light passes leaving only darkness.

I grew up in a church where we shared the sign of peace with those around us. “Peace be with you” echoed throughout the church and I always felt a little empty saying these words. As a woman who feels things deeply, somehow these words didn’t fill me in the same way.

God’s peace reaches the recesses of my being and overflows into other parts of my life. It is beyond my understanding (Phil. 4:7) but fulfilling in a way that a set of words will never be. It’s a peace that makes way for the plans God has for us and in the process of opening up we make room for God to pursue us all the more.

As I learn more about God and work on my relationship with Him, I find signs of peace and hope where I least expect them. On the days I want to retreat away from the world, I find God is still there with me. When life is overwhelming and challenges come at me faster than I can process them, God shows me a way to slow down and breathe. Five minutes of quiet is all it takes some days. God’s peace is the gift in the perfect storm of life. When I am caught under the waves of difficulty, God reassures me with the whisper of “I am your lighthouse.”

It is beautiful, unwarranted, and tender in ways I can’t explain.

Share Your Light

Just as the lighthouse protects the boaters nearing the water’s edge, God calls me to do the same for others. As God relentlessly pursues me with His love, more opportunities open up for me to share God’s love with friends and family. I learn that when Jesus calls me to shine my light (Matthew 5:16, TPT) and not keep it hidden, He is teaching me that my gifts are unique and worth sharing.

God is our lighthouse. His light brightens the darkness and holds fast when life’s storms threaten and swirl around us. God is our Light-Keeper, Promise-Maker, and Hope-Dweller.

Because of Him, I am who I am. Because of Him, I am overflowing with love. Do you feel it too? Does your life reflect the light and love of the Father?

Because of Him, I am who I am. Because of Him, I am overflowing with love. #newpost #TellHisStory #linkup Share on X

When we are called to shine for others, we have the capacity to brighten the way a hundredfold because of God. Maybe today is the day you and I let the constancy of the Lighthouse protect us. Maybe, you and I were meant for so much more than we ever imagined. And maybe, the time is now.

Father God,

I stand amazed that you relentlessly pursue me. Your love outlasts, outweighs, and outshines all other love. Your hope and protection is like the beam of the lighthouse as it seeks out the shoreline in a dance of preservation for the boaters nearby. You show and tell me often of your love and reassure me that You are my lighthouse in all of life’s storms. Thank you for your abundance and safety. May I know of your goodness daily. I am blessed you are my Light-Keeper and Hope-Bearer. In the name of your son, Jesus. Amen


As I began writing this post, I was listening to the song, Out of Hiding, by Steffany Gretzinger. She writes:

And now I’ll be your lighthouse
When you’re lost at sea
And I will illuminate

These words and the whole song touched me as I sat in a vulnerable place this past week. Knowing I am safe and loved was God’s gift to me through the lyrics of the song. I pray these words give you peace and an understanding that God is your safe place.

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