In the Stillness

At first light, my eyes flutter open

I fight against dawn’s rays and roll over

The sun’s milky beam finds its way between the blinds

And I curl up closer and cocoon myself under the blankets.


First light, new day, a quiet awakening

In the stillness, I lay neither ready or prepared for what’s to come that day.

I’m a creature of habit and each new beginning requires a gentle start and time to prepare

I believe a slow transition into the new day is always better


I hold tight to the tradition of allowing myself to ease into whatever the day holds – busyness will come soon enough.

My thoughts begin to form in the stillness

The quiet fills my heart with God’s peace

I embrace the peace and permit the memories of yesterday to connect with all that will happen today.

In the stillness, I find God, hold His truth and open myself to reaching for the day.

This time of Advent is a time of heart work. God calls me to stillness because it is the place He knows I will find Him. I realize that when I take the time to invite God into my day and especially into its very beginning, I focus on His truth. My framework for the day is focused outward because God filled me with what I needed during the quiet.

This Advent season as I sit between the now and the not yet, I crave the quiet. My mind can easily grab the clutter that I am trying to release. I love the in-between because of the expectancy and prayer for hope that forms on my lips.

The intentional stillness is new for me. I find my mind wandering before I even fully quiet myself. God calls me deeper still and it is there I meet Him.

I begin to ask questions, hoping for answers but happy to know the question is lingering out there for me and others.

How will I posture myself as I sit in the waiting? Will I use the time to uncover hidden treasure or remain as I am? Do I choose the dark or invite the Light into the dark recesses of my heart? Is Christ always welcome or a quick blip on my daily radar?

I turn to Mary, the mother of Jesus, to gain perspective and it is there I hear these words:

But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. Luke 2:19

The moments after Jesus was born became snapshots in her mind that she stored away for the future. The visit by the shepherds and the three wise men filled her heart and foreshadowed the greatness that was to be.

I think again and wonder if, in my quiet time, I treasure all the blessings God grants me. Do I take the gifts that are mine to have and sit with God to learn how to best use them for others? Will I allow God to unwrap the treasures He has for me and set them free to honor Him?

Advent gives us the time for this holy work. Preparing for a hope-filled coming leads us straight to the heart of who Christ made us be. New life blended with the love of a Savior brings us to the manger on Christmas morning.

My prayer for all is to let God lead us through the busyness to the heart of who we are in Him. In the waiting, in the stillness may we sit with arms wide open ready to receive. And may our days allow us time to worship and praise God for all the treasures He has in store for us.

Waiting in hope!

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