A week of …

Deep belly laughs followed by uncontrollable giggles

Laughing until our sides hurt over seemingly nothing

True enjoyment over each other’s company

Mix them all together and you find laughter IS the best medicine.

Sometimes it takes a few minutes, maybe hours, or even days in the presence of loved ones to know you are exactly where you should be. I learned early on how my sons can make me laugh when I least expect and when you put my family together the joy is contagious.

Last week, I spent time away with my kids. Every minute was a gift. Time with my loved ones doesn’t happen often enough due to distance, but each minute together is treasured all the more. When you practice presence and lace it with love, the time spent together seems endless yet fleeting all at the same time. Last week looked exactly like slow motion mixed with high speed moments of deep laughter, some tears and immense joy.

What I continue to learn about family is how our deep connectedness revolves around laughter, but more important is the choice we made to center our lives on God. His strength, provision, and grace keeps us focused on what matters most. The roots of our faith produce fruit because we know what love looks like and who is Love.

Families change over the years due to age, growth, loss, and other reasons beyond our control. The shape of my family is changing once again. But the bottom line is that God is still good and shows me how grace grows even in the times of change. Laughter is the glue that holds my family together and laughter is the best medicine.

Laughter is restorative. Just when you believe brokenness will overcome, you discover how laughter lifts the shroud and sends restoration.

You can find healing through surrendering to deep belly laughs. There were moments I could not catch my breath last week because I was laughing so hard. The best part is that each laugh erased a piece of the hurt and in its place healing entered.

Laughter happens when you feel fully comfortable with those around you. My family time was easy and everything about it was just right.

As my family moves toward the future together, we know we are stronger because of God’s love, endless grace, and the hope of all our tomorrows. We are better together. When we stare down the future together, we know more is yet to come and it is good. Change wants to defeat us, but God instills new beginnings and victory.

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Dear Friends,

I pray you are surrounded by your own tribe of people connected with love and deep laughter. When tears come, laughter is sure to follow on its heels. God takes each tear and holds them close.

Those who sow their tears as seeds
will reap a harvest with joyful shouts of glee.They may weep as they go out carrying their seed to sow,
but they will return with joyful laughter and shouting with gladness
as they bring back armloads of blessing and a harvest overflowing! – Psalm 126:5-6 TPT

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Blessings for a week laced with laughter!


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