I blinked and school started. What seemed like only seconds was actually a month of days. I’m not sure where the time went, but I am feeling a little melancholy that summer is ending.

August is usually a month of hot summer days. This year the weather pattern switched things up to rainy and mild. Not the usual, but it’s good to live on the edge of expectation. Right?? My herbs love the rain, but my poor tomato plant is slowly dying. The flowers in the flower box are happily blooming and I’m praying I still end up with one or two peppers.

But that’s the small and God showed up big in August. It’s just all a matter of looking in the right places.

God joined me on my walks this August. Most of the time I knew He was there, but there were moments when I moved one step at a time not realizing that He was by my side. It was during the quiet that God showed me the blessing of small faith in a big world. It’s the perspective you gain when cloud watching on a summer day. Who you are looks small in comparison with the expanse of the sky filled with clouds. But then, truth hits–you are exactly where you are because God is exactly who He says He is.

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And all I can do is say thank you August for the gift of long walks where God never left my side and opened my eyes to His truth.

I love these monthly posts and how you all come alongside me as I share my musings. Don’t you love getting to know each other?

August left me with beautiful memories. Here is what I am learning …

Time goes by too fast. They say time flies as you get older and I want to clarify that time goes fast no matter what age you are.

The absolute joy of spending time with family. Deep down I know this truth, but when we gather together, the truth bubbles forth and life feels just right. The deep connectedness, laughter, love, and the realization we are better together never fails to fill any empty heart–spaces.

I like summer! You heard me declare this in my June musings, but I felt the need to share it again.

I am loving …

Books, books, and more books! One of the perks of being a writer is the chance to help other authors launch their books into the world. This August I want to share three new books that either already released or will in the next two months.

The Gift of Prophetic Encouragement by Debbie Kitterman. Debbie shares,

The prophetic gift of encouragement is about making a difference and impacting individuals in a way you may never have thought possible…we literally put courage into them.

Debbie Kitterman’s book released August 21. You can get your copy on Amazon by clicking HERE, or your favorite book retailer.

Ministry of Ordinary Places by Shannan Martin. Shannan takes us on a walk of her ordinary life and calls us to pay attention right where we are. She challenges her readers to love their neighbors and invest in the people around them. Shannan’s book releases October 9, 2018. I am already nodding my head at her words and I know you will too. You can preorder HERE.

And finally, Jennifer Dukes Lee is releasing her new book and Bible study, It’s All Under Control on September 18, 2018. Can I just say I am a closet control freak and the thought that I am going to learn to surrender control has me shaking. Surrender is my word for the year and God is patiently teaching me and waiting for me to release all and not grab it back as soon as it’s gone. You can preorder Jennifer’s book HERE.

As I end these musings, I am living or maybe I should say leaning into …

God’s deep love for me. It manifests itself in the beauty I see around me, my friends and family, and the deep connection I uncovered from a group of women that I taught about Esther. As I discover who I am and my purpose, I was able to pour some of the same into these women.

And the truth that God wants you to know in the deepest core of your being, you belong to Him. 

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So … what’s going on in your part of the world?


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