And just like that, another month somehow slipped through my fingers. Thirty-one days marked the passage of time. A collection of experiences, memories, and beginnings. New things to like, and explore as well as time for God lessons when I least expect.

I am always amazed at the inspired beauty to begin or end my days and the touch of God’s Hands in each detail. October was no exception. There is something so glorious about October. It shows up in blue skies and bright sunshine as well as the overhang of gray and rain. The trees either begin to burst forth in all my favorite colors or show off in all their splendor. October does not disappoint as it paves the way for the holiday season.

This year, I found October to be soul–filling, community–building, and learning–centered. Not sure if those are all real words, but they describe the season so well. As always I am learning, loving, and leaning into so much. Join me as I share a bit more.


I am learning that you can teach an old dog new tricks! 🙂


I experienced a huge learning curve this month. A new job at the public library increased my brain capacity one-hundred fold. All that I thought I knew about the library became all I now know about serving the public in this way. The first few days of work left me breathless and filled with questions. Can I do this? Why am I feeling overwhelmed? Will I ever learn everything I need to know?

Four weeks later, I know so much more. I still have questions, but the overwhelming feelings are gone for the most part.



I am loving:


My women’s Bible study. My church is doing Priscilla Shirer’s study, One in a Million. Following the journey of the Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land has led to some amazing discussions. We are currently diving into the time the Israelites spent in the wilderness.

What I am learning as I allow myself to go deeper into my own wilderness seasons leads me into a deeper understanding of my own journey.

Awaken by Priscilla Shirer. This is a 90 Day devotional where Priscilla shares how God whispered through Holy Spirit into her soul. I used to believe the best way to read a devotional was to begin and continue straight through to the end. Skipping a day was not an option. Now I give myself all the grace. The days I read Awaken feel like a fresh breath of Holy Spirit in my day.

Watching the change in seasons. Here in my part of the world the changing of the leaves is occurring slowly. Pockets of color end up causing me to gasp in surprise as I am driving or out walking.



I am leaning into:


Grace and forgiveness. The shape of family is one that seems to reinvent itself too often in my life. What I once proclaimed as family has shifted and looks unlike what I knew. The blessing in the refinement and reshaping is how God is in the brokenness. In the unfolding of the details, God’s presence is there.

The gift of my family’s story is how God protects, provides, and reveals His purpose. Just when we think we know “us”, God shifts the pieces and shows us the new arrangement of who we are. It is unlike any other refinement in that it’s not a quick fix and then you move on. The heart that beats in rhythm with God’s stumbles and falters when love is involved.

My family has moved from five to four. While the story is not mine completely to tell, I am writing a bit here especially for those who follow me on other social media outlets. My oldest son, who was married, is now single. The path of marriage took an unexpected turn. One that left us all open-mouthed and trying to catch our breath.

God is leading the journey of healing. All the grace that is necessary comes in waves as each of us learns this new dynamic. Forgiveness is on the tips of our tongues as we seek the words, understanding, and the willingness to take this step.

What I am learning in this new season is that family looks different for everyone. The number of people in the family unit is just that–a number. When family is lost, God is found. I am holding onto the gift of family and I proclaim that “This is us” because God deemed it so.

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I love these monthly musings. Looking back allows me to catch a glimpse of how God showed up. I would love to hear what you learned, love, and leaned into in October. Please share in the comments.


P.S. I am on vacation next week so there will not be a post or a linkup. In the spirit of being fully present, I am stepping away. It is only for a week and then when I return to the blog on the 13th, a guest will be featured. Thank you for being such important members of this community.

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