For years, I found myself in a cycle of running to catch myself. Sure there have been starts and stops along the way but the race is one of finding out who the real me is. God knows me intimately but what do I say when people ask?

My typical answer sounds like, “I’m a mom of two sons, a Mimi, a retired teacher, and the list goes on. This list identifies me by what I do or did or the people who call me mom or Mimi. It says nothing about the identity God created for me when He saw me in the secret place and His eyes saw my unformed body (Psalm 139:15-16). The list doesn’t describe the love and care that God took when He created me in my mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13-14). The words He speaks over me today and every day. And the words He declares over you as His child.

Did You Know?

I like for people to know I am a truth-teller.

A hope-giver.

An encourager.

A person who follows through.

In this place of naming the things I want you to know about me, I forgot the most important declaration of all. The identity of who God reveals I am. When I forget, I have truth for everyone but me. I see hope on the horizon for my people but not for myself. All encouragement is given away and I forget how to remind myself I am worthy. And I am amazing at follow-through except when remembering I am God’s chosen child and He says I am enough in Him. Can anyone else relate?

This is the frenzy of running to catch myself that gets away from me if I let it. I am thankful for the people in my life who speak the truth. It is such a gift to hear from trusted friends and family what God is already saying. I also am grateful for the encouragement of Holley Gerth in my life.

I actually met Holley in person (at a writer’s conference and I doubt she remembers ;)). A month ago she reached out to me as “one of her people” and thanked me for my encouragement of her. There was much disbelief on the other side of my screen thinking she had the wrong person, but she indeed assured me I was the one.

A week ago, Holley Gerth’s new book, Strong, Brave, and Loved: Empowering Reminders of Who You Really Are, hit all the places you can order and buy books. In my mailbox on that very day, was my own personal copy of Holley’s book, a 60-day devotional.

One of the things Holley does well is to encourage others. Her voice is prominent in my life as I visit her blog and read her books. She takes her real life and the messiness that comes along for the ride and turns it around so we can leave the page knowing we are strong, brave, and loved.

Why are you telling me this?

For all the times I try to talk myself into what I think instead of believing the truth of what God says, I have an advocate who never gives up on me.

His name is Lord, Savior, Christ, and Father. He holds my disbelief loosely knowing that truth, His truth, is what I crave. Throughout the Bible, God reassures you and me how much He loves us with affirming words like worthy, enough, daughter/son, chosen, and no longer an orphan (John 14:18, 1 Peter 2:9, and Ephesians 2:10).

God is your advocate when the race you are running leads nowhere. He is the One who hugs you at the finish line. God carries you back to the beginning and points you in the direction of TRUTH. There is never a time that God doesn’t stop what He is doing to pull you back into His embrace.

My journey of running to catch myself is looking more focused as I spend time with God. Even five minutes a day leaves me with the fresh breath of the Spirit I know will aide me as the day begins and ends.

If a book can come at the perfect time, then Holley’s book landed in my mailbox at the exact moment the secret place of my heart yearned for encouragement.

If a book can land in my mailbox at the perfect time, just think how God's timing is never a mistake. Empowerment and encouragement for your soul in today's post. #newpost #TellHisStory #linkup @HolleyGerth Click To Tweet

Friends–What I know is God knows the deep secrets we carry. He hears our heart cry and loves coming alongside to carry us through. Empowerment is found in God’s Word, other people, and sometimes words of authors we call friend because of how they reach us across the page. Encouragement is the antidote to fears and lies. Let me leave you with this snippet from Holley Gerth:

Strong, brave, and loved sometimes looks like just the opposite. And that’s beautiful.

Together let’s run to catch ourselves. Your true you is found in the One who chose you and named you Daughter of the Most High.


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