It’s hard to believe it is already the 3rd Sunday of Advent. In a week and one day, we will be celebrating Christmas. I feel in a rush to slow down and use the rest of this time wisely. It is contradictory to all I am trying to do. Hurry up and wait. Go faster to achieve a slowdown. Hmmm!

This week, on the 3rd Sunday of Advent, I share a recap of how my quiet time has gone. I introduce sacred intentionality and I share the question God has asked me during my quiet time.

The time I am spending with God is never wasted. It doesn’t always look like I imagine it, but whenever I invite God to sit close I am blessed with His presence. I’m taking time to look back in order to move forward. Any work of the heart requires a time to put to rest any of the “whys” and “what ifs”. God takes those questions and scatters them like the wind and I need to fully release them to Him. I know that He will create a new thing that is better than those broken pieces.

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As I sit in quiet stillness, looking at the scattered pieces that God is working on so tenderly, He asked me “Do you trust me”? I can quickly answer “yes” but God asked the question and now I need to have the faith that goes with the “yes”. Advent is a time of preparing for the coming of Jesus. In my own preparation, I look to God to open that place inside me that He fills with His truth, grace, forgiveness, and trust.

Sacred intentionality is the next layer of my time in the stillness. It is making sure that during the quiet I invite God to sit close and lean into listening for all He has for me. I practice sitting in the quiet and know that God wants to hear me say, “will you join me”?

Sacred intentionality is where invitation meets welcome and the two produce good fruit. God meets us in the space of invitation, holds us close and loves us unconditionally. 

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Sit with me in the quiet and listen to me share more in my video about sacred intentionality. Join me on Instagram for Advent encouragement as we draw closer to Christmas.

If you missed the first two weeks of videos, click here and here. Next week, I will share one more video on Christmas Eve. I pray you have a blessed week as you wrap up any last minute Christmas “to dos” and take time to wrap your heart around the coming of Jesus.

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