The beginning of a journey is always uncertain but with uncertainty comes hope. ~Lisa Wingate from Tending Roses

The journey begins now. The calendar will soon say December 3. My heart taps slowly, “It’s the life you are living now.” I have already begun, while my heart is still catching up.

Jesus arrived without fanfare two thousand years ago. His birth was THE arrival. The one that the people of the day were waiting for and believed in until He came to earth as a baby. But did they know Him? Do you know Him?

Is Jesus the One? Do You Know Him?

“Can this be the Messiah? Is He the one we have been waiting for?” 

John the Baptist recognized Jesus. Elizabeth’s baby leaped for joy in her womb when Mary, the mother of Jesus, came to visit. And Mary was chosen as a young betrothed teenager to carry the Savior of the World.

Each person mentioned above played an integral part in the life of Jesus. They knew Him and loved Him. Their journey began when they recognized the Messiah, in the womb or person.  

Few people recognized Jesus but many followed Him and gave up their lives for the love, peace, hope, and joy we recognize as part of the Advent journey. 

I wonder if the journey through Advent this year would benefit from embracing slower days and times of solitude. Would that lead us to the hope we are searching for?

What if we embrace Lisa Wingate’s words above and choose the hope that comes from the uncertainty a journey may lead us on? 

Let’s Choose Hope

In the place of choosing hope, may we find God in all His glory. His light shines in our darkness and His peace radiates from heaven to earth. 

This season of Advent, let’s walk together and allow God to lead us through His Word and truth. May HOPE become the goal we seek and the cry of our souls during one of the busiest seasons. Let’s read the words of Isaiah together as we walk through the wilderness and come out on the other side knowing God’s glory is with us and in us.

The journey of Advent begins now! Are you in? The Journey of Advent Begins Now Share on X

Journeying through Advent with peace and hope!

Click HERE for an invitation to hope.

Advent Resources

Here are a few resources I am using this year. So you don’t think I’m crazy for listing so many I am using bits and pieces of each. (affiliate links are included)

Shadow & Light by Tsh Oxenreider

Waiting Here for Hope by Louie Giglio

The Savior’s Story created by Well-Watered Women

She Reads Truth Advent Study, He Alone is Worthy

The Advent Narrative: The Life You Didn’t Know You Were Already Living by Mary Geisen

And for the grandkids: The Jesus Storybook Bible Advent Activity Book By Sally Lloyd-Jones




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