It came as a sweet message pinging through Facebook as I readied myself to drift off to sleep. Jerking back to wakefulness, I read the message several times, not even sure if what I was reading was real. I typed a short response, hit send, and hoped that I would still fall asleep as planned. 

Sleep did come, but I woke up the next morning wondering if the message was real. I checked Messenger and discovered I really did have a message from Jennifer Dukes Lee. She had just announced that after a number of years, she was closing down the Tell His Story community. When I read this news, I felt a deep sadness. This was always a sure thing, a place to link up and find encouragement from a beautiful community. In my head, I asked “Why now”? Never once did I imagine that a message as I was falling asleep was one asking me to consider opening my doors to host the Tell His Story community. It was God’s way of showing me how the story continues when you say “yes” to Him through others.

[Tweet “And now the story continues. What looked like the end is now a beginning.#TellHisStory #linkup”]

And now the story continues. What looked like the end is now a beginning. God provides beautiful opportunities to share who He is and honor Him in how we live our lives. This beginning is a chance for us to come together, get to know each other, and open our hearts to community. I don’t know about you, but I need you all. I need community to keep me grounded and to show others what beautiful encouragement looks like.

Jennifer created a beautiful legacy. One that is now being passed to me. I am excited, nervous and cannot wait to see how God is going to work. Life experience teaches us that throughout our lives we find times when the old bumps into the new. It becomes beautiful, but not without growing pains. Tell His Story has been given a second chance. We can expect growing pains, but in the midst we will see such beauty as we never imagined.

An old farm house/barn caught my eye recently. It fit into the scenery perfectly. But in the same sweeping view, the new shiny silver of a working farm almost blotted out the charm of the old. Let’s consider how this is God’s way of continuing to make things new while still recognizing that it takes the old foundation to make the new that much better.

Tell HIs Story is what it is today because Jennifer built a beautiful foundation. Her gentle encouragement and wise storytelling brought us together each week. Let’s build on this cornerstone as we continue new traditions of joining in community weekly.

Today we are saying “yes” to change and growing a legacy that points to God. Let’s allow change to move us forward rather than hold us back. Share the news and encourage others to join us in this safe place where stories matter and who we are is all because of God.

Today the story continues. I will leave you with these words from Jonah Sachs spoken during his Ted talk.

Stories shape our world. They’re like verbal DNA. They tell us who we are and what’s important and how we should behave. Stories create our future. Stories matter.

And now the story continues with you! Link up your story below.

#TellHisStory Link Up
Each week we gather here as storytellers, word weavers, and encouragers to make His name known. Our story is God’s story and this small corner of the blogging world, where we come together each Tuesday, needs you. This is a place where poetry, snapshots, prayers, and stories find a safe spot to nod in agreement that what we have to say matters.
I am glad you are here and would love to have you join the #TellHisStory community. Add your own encouraging post through the link below. Spread some love by visiting your neighbor and leave your own encouragement. Add the #TellHisStory button to your post so others can join in on the fun. Click HERE to get the button.
Your story matters and the #TellHisStory link up continues because of you!
P.S. Jennifer loved to honor a writer each week at her linkup. I am praying about what God wants me to do as we move forward. Please join me in prayer and know that I will need a little time to get my “feet wet” with this new linkup.
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