Sometimes things we believe about ourselves for years change in a instant. Things like I am very patient or hospitality is not my gift. So let me ask you a question as I try to sift through some of the things that are changing. Are you good at waiting? What does it look like when answers are elusive and the next thing is nowhere on the horizon?

I always thought I was a patient person. I was a teacher for thirty years, for goodness sake. That requires patience, right? But in seasons of staying put, patience hangs on by a thread. You might not notice from the outside, but my insides are a jumble.


Now before you conclude I am a complete mess, let’s pause to catch more of the backstory.


About a month ago, I began looking for a part-time job. I do realize I am retired, but I am ready for connection and a little more routine to my day. Plus if you didn’t see my exciting news on Facebook, I am going to be a grandma! And yes, I plan to spoil this grand baby.


I completed all the things necessary for the job, clicked “send” and sat back rather proud of myself. A waiting game ensued. This is where the rubber meets the road. I asked earlier “Are you good at waiting”? What do you do during times of waiting for answers, interviews, or anything that points you in the direction you hope to go?


Impatience found me as well as swirling thoughts of all the reasons why I was not hearing back about my application and resume.


I’m under qualified, over qualified, too old, my skills don’t line up with the job, or maybe my application is lost in cyber space. Have you been there, anyone, ANYONE???


Instead of resting in the place where I’m known and loved just because, I created a space of anxious thoughts and wasted energy. Overwhelming, consuming, and controlling days led to worry over a situation that accomplished little. Does this sound familiar?

All the years I believed I knew how to wait flew out the window over a part-time job. The peace I desired was nowhere near. I forgot the One who works on my behalf every minute of everyday. Then these words crossed my path in my reading:

You don’t understand now what I am doing, but someday you will. John 13:7 NLT

Jesus is washing His disciples’ feet and Peter is protesting saying, “you will never wash my feet.” At this time, Jesus is trying to teach the disciples that they are not completely clean until their feet are washed. The deeper meaning is not lost on me in my time of worry.


God knew the power of these words. I needed to come clean. The output of time spent in worry needed to turn into time with God. All the worry in the world would not secure this position.


So let me ask one more time “are you good at waiting”? If so, what does this look like? If you struggle, like me, what can you do to shift your worry to God who provides peace and understanding?


Friends …

God is always with us. Always. He is in our worry and peace, our heartache and love, and impatience and patience.

We can trust the One who always has the best plan. What looks cloudy becomes clear when we turn it over to God.

Taking deep breaths makes room for sacred space. God meets us where our inhale overlaps with our exhale.

God takes the worry out of worry by restoring our hearts with hope and peace.


Finally, let me assure you all, God cares more about your worry than you ever will. He adores you even when you let impatience and anxiousness consume you. There is nothing about you that God finds irritating or cumbersome. You are beautiful because you are created in the image of our beautiful God.

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And now the story continues …


What seemed like many weeks later, I did get a part-time job. Not the one I originally applied for, but at the same place I applied.


Meet your new local library associate! Do the glasses help??


P.S. One of the chapters that impacted me greatly from Jennifer Dukes Lee’s new book, It’s All Under Control, was about waiting. I kept circling back to it over and over hoping that the more I read it, the better I would be at waiting. Well, there’s no guarantee, but I do know that Jennifer’s book will bless you if you choose busy over best, need to surrender your control to God, or learn how to live the best life that God chose for you. You can buy your own copy at Amazon by clicking HERE. If you do end up reading It’s All Under Control, let me know what you think. (Affiliate link included)

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