I’m a summer girl! In the middle of winter, I start anticipating when the first signs of summer will appear. The first fireflies bring back memories of summers spent at camp. The hot, sticky weather reminds me of days upon days at the local pool. But mostly, summer looks like slowing down and pressing pause on some of the busyness that fills the other nine months.

This year, June arrived and so did summer. Spring did not linger this year, but instead, the gradual warm-up in temps became a sudden flash of hot and humid. Just to be clear, my body and mind does better with the slow move into the hot temperatures, but this year there was no such luck.

June is a time for new beginnings. We celebrate the same in January, but it looks different as June approaches. Each year, I look forward to the start of June. It reminds me of school years ending and summer vacations beginning. Pools open and the desire to spend time outside pulls me toward long walks, capturing God’s beauty, and just “being”. In my mind, the gift of June has no end.

Now that June in all her glory is over, this is what I am learning, loving, and living.

I am learning …

Laughter is the best medicine. Click HERE to read more.

Sometimes, other people recognize something in you before you do. (Thanks Jennifer Dukes Lee for handing the #TellHisStory torch to me!! 🙂 )

Taking long walks is one of my love languages.

How life is so much better with community. (Thank you #TellHisStory peeps for being here.)

I am loving …

Books by Lynn Austin. I am currently reading the Chronicles of the Kings Collection. A book about King Hezekiah, that for whatever reason, seems to parallel everything else I am reading now. Click HERE to order your own copy. (Affiliate link)

Seamless, a Bible study by Angie Smith. I did not grow up reading the Bible so walking through the major stories and learning about the main characters from the beginning to the end, is fascinating.

Everybody, Always by Bob Goff. My son and I listened to about half of the book driving to and from the mountains. The best part is listening to Bob read his own words. My dilemma is how am I going to finish the book since my son has the Audible account?

I am learning …

What it looks like to inherit a community of beautiful writers and welcome new ones into the fold. I am so blessed by the words I read each week when #TellHisStory opens its doors. You all are incredible and I love how you love each other well.

How to surrender my changing life to an unchanging God. It always leads to more than I imagined.

About the joy of having a small garden again. Now let’s hope I can keep things alive. So far so good.

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