Memories run rampant this time of year. Many take on the persona of my mom from long ago when we celebrated her on Mother’s Day. Or the memories reflect those who love this day and celebrate happily and those who don’t. I know people who fall into all of these categories and I imagine you do as well.

I thought I would take the time today to share parts of several Mother’s Day posts I wrote in previous years. Sometimes, as a mom, all I wanted to hear from my sons were the words “thank you.” Other times, memories popped up of my sweet momma and all I could think of was how much you never stop needing your mom. Emotions run high and low on this day as we set aside time to celebrate our moms and those women who have made a difference in our lives.

Just Say “Thank You”

There is nothing like a “thank you.” Whether the words are spoken or written, this simple acknowledgment goes a long way in making my day. The first time I heard the words “thank you” from my sons left me speechless. The sweet blessing of knowing that I was doing something right boosted my confidence. I am learning there are no better words than when another person takes time to recognize the good in you.

God’s truth says you are worthy of celebration. He inscribed your name on the palm of His hand and chose you because He loves you (Isaiah 49:16).

God promises He will never forget you. Your name is engraved on the palm of His Hands. God knows you better than you know yourself. He doesn’t look at the titles you have chosen for yourself. You are known and celebrated by God. Today I celebrate you and all those you have touched just because of who you are. I thank God that even when you are not sure if you make a difference, He knows you do. Mother’s Day is a day to remember, reflect, and thank those who have crossed our paths and made a difference. It’s a chance for you to pause to recognize that who you are is a gift to God and all those who know you.

Have You Ever

I lost my mom in January of 2014. It’s hard to believe that six years have passed without my mom. In May of 2014, I celebrated my first Mother’s Day without my mom. As I wrote down words that reflected the love of my own mom, I also wanted all women to know the blessing they are to others, whether they have the official title of mom or not. We all have memories. May these questions lead you to reflect on those women who have influenced you throughout your life.

Have you ever stopped suddenly and looked twice at the person walking beside you? Your second glance provided a picture of a beautiful person on the outside–well put together–glowing with beauty and confidence. Is that your mom?

Have you ever had a conversation with a person and intuitively knew that this person was listening even if her gaze was scanning the room checking on every other detail? That is a mom!

Has the example of a life well-lived shaped you into the person you are today? The lessons of comfort, grace, and courage were shaped, modeled, and lived out daily by a mom (maybe, a spiritual mom)-your mom and my mom!

Have you ever met someone who knew how to love unconditionally? In a mother’s love, we see a reminder of God’s perfect love. Do you know a woman who loves like this?

Final Thoughts

One of the biggest life lessons instilled in me as another Mother’s Day has passed is that you never stop needing your mom. For those who still have the gift of calling your mom treasure the blessing and remember, even if not all memories are your favorite, God blesses all moms. Motherhood is hard and somedays we get it right and other times we make a mess of things.

If you are the person who craves one more phone call with your mom, take time to remember how you laughed together, held each other close, and hung on her every word. Time and the love of God have a way of sifting some of the challenging memories into something more palatable. No one is perfect but the love of God is!

Remember that in the storms of life you never stop needing your mom.

Father God – I thank you for the gift of all mothers and fathers–spiritual, biological, and all those who work to build into the lives of others. You promise to never forget us and for this I am grateful. On the days, I am not sure I am making a difference, you see all that I can’t see happening. When I struggle to remember that all it takes is one “thank you”, may I know you believe in who I am. May all those who love others well feel celebrated today and every day. You are a gracious and loving God. Amen.

Mother's Day has come and gone but the memories continue. Join me for some reflections on moms and those women who have made a difference in your life. #Newpost #TellHisStory #linkup Share on X

Here’s to all the life-givers and nurturers!

** Just a heads up, I inserted some links from my early years of writing. The message remains the same, but I think you will notice a difference in the quality of writing. 😉

Here are a few Mother’s Day posts I found that speak volumes about the worth of all women.

Hope for Moms and Daughters in Every Season by Lois Flowers

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Wishing a Refreshing Mother’s Day to You! by Michele Morin

And these words by Shannan Martin that she posted on Facebook to honor women on Mother’s Day.

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

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